Cod.0201009 JUMBO - T DRINKER

For Turkey and parent stock

Dimensions: diameter 480 mm height 650 mm
Weight: 2,135 kg
Drinking capacity: 80 to 120 turkeys per drinker, depending on climate
Standard packing: 20 units per carton (710x480x710 mm)
Shipping capacity: 2.080 units (104 cartons) per 20 ft cnt 3.000 units (without packing) per 20 ft cnt
  • Working only suspended

Jumbo-T drinker is supplied with 3 m hose and shut-off saddle

Working pressure: min 0,2 bar - max 0,5 bar.
For higher pressures, either use a reducer or connect to a water tank that should be placed at least 4 m above ground level.
For optimum working conditions, it is suitable to keep the water level beetween 10 to 20 mm.